In the heart

of Brabant





Van Gogh National Park!

Van Gogh National Park – A natural and cultural masterpiece

The Van Gogh National Park in the heart of Brabant is the birthplace of the master painter Vincent van Gogh and is the region in which he produced a quarter of all his works. It was here that he became obsessed with the countryside and peasant life, themes that he took with him during his French period.

There are woods and heathland, pools and sand hills (some of the largest in Europe!), authentic villages, lively squares and charming alleyways.  A natural area with a 335 km Van Gogh Cycle Route which was selected as Europe’s best cycle route in 2016.

Van Gogh National Park het gebied

A mosaic of attractive landscapes

The Van Gogh National Park is home to the heritage that Van Gogh defined. The water mills in Nuenen, the willows in Etten-Leur, the church in Helvoirt and the passion for his birthplace in Zundert are surrounded by the cities of Eindhoven, ’s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg . This adds an enormous appeal to the Van Gogh National Park.